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How to Create Android News app in Android Studio

Android News App is a mobile news system which run under Android platform that used for your own news android application with beautiful UI design and users experience. In this app Have many good features available and this app have java coding for backend and frontend coding for front end UI design .

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News demo APK:

⭐ Course Contents ⭐
➡️ (0:00:00​) Introduction
➡️ (0:05:59​) Extract Source Code
➡️ (0:06:36​) Import Source Code
➡️ (0:14:11​) Change Package Name
➡️ (0:18:36) Firebase Integration
➡️ (0:22:15​) Change App Colors
➡️ (0:26:00​) Change App Logo
➡️ (0:29:31) ADMIN PANEL SETUP
➡️ (0:54:17) YouTube API Key Generate
➡️ (1:01:16) OneSignal App ID Key
➡️ (1:17:21​) Admob Ad Integration
➡️ (1:19:24​) Privacy Policy Generate
➡️ (1:23:53​) Change All basic details
➡️ (1:29:19​) Generate Build APK
➡️ (1:41:59​) Generate Signed APK
➡️ (1:44:50​) Run Successfully

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How to Generate Privacy policy for App”

Jcreator Download:

Android Studio Download:

How To Publish App On Play Store:

Android News Source Code

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